Wireless Portable VisualizerWIFI


WS-T3270deg.carefree rotating

connecting to computer without usb cable

Wireless connecting with computer

Physical presenting and documents scanning at any time and any place

Seamless connecting with projector and whiteboard according to environment

Can be used in many systems

Can be connected with many devices in the same time

Can be used with mobile,tablet,computer,laptop,whiteboard, all-in-one machine.

multiple platform application, fast connected, real-time display

Aircraft-grade Aluminum Base

Aircraft-grade Aluminum Base can make the visualizer stable

Users can easily operate it in the classroom and office

High definition digital lens

Used professional digital lens of high definition.

Latest COMS &Image Processing Technology

4500mAh big capacity lithium battery assures the working demand

270 Degree rotating

It can scan any document, also can be used as recording video and presentation in the classroom.


Interactive Teaching Assistant

Teachers prepare lessons, interactive teaching, video presentation, electronic paper documents

Realize easy multimedia teaching