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Chinese carving art has a long history, is China‘s outstanding national culture crystallization, which was listed by UNESCO as “intangible cultural heritage list“ in 2009.
Secretary-General of the Carving Committee Wu Jingming, deputy secretary-general Xu Jing and General Manager of Jetion International Limited Hundry Shu have reached an initial consensus after a deep communication in Beijing, and they signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2016. We will work together to promote the carving art in the whole country, and open carving training course in some primary and secondary schools and educational institutions.
Jetion, as a focus on smart education tech enterprises, will provide independent r&d wireless visualizer, then the details of seal brush, strength and other details can be shown to the big screen . Through the big screen, teachers can quickly demonstrate to students carving points and details, which can guide more students. and students can watch teacher’s and other students’ carving demonstration process, also, students can see the teacher’s note on the big screen while displaying students’ work. so they can find their own lack and timely improvements. Besides display interaction teaching in class, teachers can record the carving process for students’ review after class. 
Teacher is demonstrating the carving process
Wireless visualizer is showing the teacher’s carving details.
Carving art is a traditional Chinese culture, profound artistic philosophy and brilliant art, it not only is the Chinese traditional culture of wealth, but also can improve the personal arts appreciation, stimulate creativity, self-cultivation cultivate sentiments. We hope that through our cooperation, the carving teaching will become easier and faster popularity, we can made some effort for the Inheritance of Chinese carving art .