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The fall of 2015, many schools in Lingxin district and Changzhou district of Wuzhou have opened, in the beginning of the spring semester, new teaching equipment is beginning to use. It must be very curious, as a new school, which teaching devices will be chosen? Compared to the old school , new school certainly consider more about the well-equipped, fully functional, so the investment in teaching facilities and hardware requirements will be higher. Here, we very proud to tell you: for an indispensable teaching tool—visualizer, these schools have chose our jetion visualizer !
There are 24 classes in the new campus of Wuzhou Longping primary school of Changzhou district, it can accommodate more than one thousand students. Before the semester begins, the first lot jetion wireless visualizer, all in one machine, sliding blackboard and other teaching equipment have been installed and have pass the inspection,  they will start to use in the new semester. The principle of Longping Primary School said the traditional document camera in the old campus does not work well: too bulky, slow operation, single function, it is very hard to use them, can not get the desired results, so the teachers don’t like to use them. Now they have jetion wireless visualizer in the new semester, teachers said that it is convenient to use, not only greatly reduce the burden on the teacher‘s lesson preparation and teaching, but also greatly improve the interactive classroom!
Teacher is using jetion teaching assistant software
Advanced equipment and innovative teaching model, the biggest beneficiary is the students, just use for one week, the student Chan in Grade five in Changhong primary school said: the new visualizer in the new classroom is really different from the one he saw before, it is small, but can be very convenience to move, they can show their exercises and papers on the seat, all students are curious and fresh, the classroom is no longer boring, now study is becoming very relaxed and happy!