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Hebei Hengshui High School, all teachers have a Jetion Visualizer

 With the arrival of the new semester, primary and secondary schools have changed new teaching equipment successively. In recent years, with the advance of education informatization , primary and secondary schools teaching model is also changing, from the traditional chalk to the projection whiteboard, touch all-in-one machine, visualizer etc diversified teaching mode.in 2016, in new semester, What good equipment we bring for teaching?  Let‘s go to hebei hengshui high school and have a look.

Hebei Hengshui High School, founded in 1951, is the first model high schools in Hebei Province, China hundred middle school, Top ten brand high school .it is the national basic education banner.
With the continuous expansion of the school size, the school has invested over 100 million RMB to strengthen infrastructure construction. Now all classrooms have cover four networks: smart radio network, multimedia teaching network, the campus computer network, teaching observation network. The school also provide LCD computer for each teacher. At the end of 2015, in order to let teachers prepare lessons easier, teaching more comvenient, the school research and select the jetion visualizer, each teacher has a jetion visualizer.
How useful of the teaching assistant – Jetion visualizer? Let the teachers tell you:  
1.Quick Capture: Creative picture can quickly dragged into PPT, WORD document, to help teachers quick access to material preparation, It is a veritable “lesson preparation tool”
2.Before class micro-lesson: teacher can record video micro-lesson and PPT micro-lesson through the teaching assistant software  before the class, then play and explain them in the class.
3. The visualizer with micro-less cloud flatform, the recorded video can be quickly uploaded to the server, realize  teacher and  students sharing, classes sharing, and achieve a micro teaching mode.
4.Professional OCR: Do teachers want to text books and papers or forms directly into editable documents? Using OCR function!  accurate identification, greatly improving the teacher‘s office and lesson preparation efficiency!
5.Compact and portable: Jetion visualizer with small size, Shot rod can be 270 degree rollover fold, removable base, the teacher can readily carry it into the bag, can work,learn, do lesson preparation anywhere based on the teacher‘s work habits.
These are the five advantages we collect based on the actual use of the teacher, every advantage can quickly meet the teacher‘s work, lesson preparation demands. Jetion visualizer just stationed in Hengshui High School, at the beginning, teachers start the application from the work and lesson preparation, but the teachers said that the visualizer is very powerful , besides lesson preparation, teachers are beginning to explore more applications in their teaching, we hope that the next time when we contact the teacher,they can share with us more application examples and experience.