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New semester, Panyu Shiqio Experimental Primary School ushered a new era of wireless video booth teaching

 February 21, 2016, the day before the new semester, Panyu Shiqio Experimental Primary School’s teachers become busy, because the trainers of Jetion International Limited will give them comprehensive training of using jetion wireless visualizer. They start to learn how to use this new teaching tool.

 Firstly, the trainer of Jetion international limited do the product training in a large multi-purpose meeting room. Nearly one hundred teachers gather together to study the trainer’s demonstration and explaination. The trainer combines the wireless visualizer apabilities and actual scene of teacher lesson preparation and classroom presentation,  explain in simple terms, so teachers can understand it easily. Teachers applause is thanks and praise for the trainer, but also recognition of the jetion wireless visualize.
Trainer is doing product training in the multi-purpose meeting room.
After watching the demonstration, teachers eager to try the wireless interactive teaching tool in the classroom. OK, no problem, let’s go to experience! 
The teachers are divided into three groups by three trainers to different classrooms, Each trainer patiently demonstrates the various features of wireless visualizer, such as physical display, contrast teaching, micro-lesson recording, OCR function, etc.. Then let each teacher operate it one by one, trainer answers different questions ,solves the different problem from teachers , ensure each teacher can operate it well.  Look! How concentrate the teachers are!
Trainer is doing operation training in the classroom
Teachers operate the wireless visualize one by one
Teachers is operating jetion wireless visualizer
Through training and operating Jetion wireless visualizer, teachers are full of praise of its easy operation ,convenience and practicality. All of them said that they have a new smart teaching tool in the new semester class, it will very helpful for their teaching and students’ learning.
Through the cooperation of Jetion stuff and teachers,  Panyu Shiqiao Experimental Primary school, total 37 classes and 3 multi-purpose media room have been fitted the jetion wireless visualizer. All of them can be use in the new semester.
Panyu Shiqiao Experimental Primary school plan to implement a variety of applications of jetion wireless visualizer, it is a milestone in their teaching innovation progress. Sincerely hope that Jetion Wireless visualizer will bring diversity teaching for teachers, bring different new happy experience for students.