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Jetion Wireless Visualizer, A Good Helper of interactive teaching

 Teaching methods have always been updated and progressed accompanied with technological revolution. From traditional chalk and ink to projection, multimedia and so on, these are all new technologies on education, these new teaching methods have highlighted the need for modern teaching: efficient, interactive!  

In traditional teaching model, teacher plays a leading role in teaching activities, teacher introduces the knowledge blindly, and student receiving the knowledge passively, lack of interactive between teacher and students, the traditional teaching method obliterate students‘enthusiasm, initiative and creative, and the effect is not ideal by rote learning.

Since the launch of Jetion Wireless Visualizer, with its "high-definition, interactive, convenient" features, Jetion Wireless Visualizer soon been widely accepted by the majority of teachers, Electrified Education Center and the leader of educational bureau .By using Jetion Wireless Visualizer in the classroom, it improves the traditional teaching method which emphasis on "teaching", without attention to practice, interaction, communication, thinking, Jetion wireless visualizer greatly stimulate student interest and potential.

In order to promote the implementation of education information, we are carrying out a large area of free trial solicitation in the whole country. Shenyang Dadongsanjiao Primary School, as the first national pilot school, when they received the product, Jetion wireless visualizer had been using in the classroom, bringing a vivid and interesting calligraphy lesson for the students, let us go and see:

Object display: teacher writing first, students watching 

 Firstly, before the lesson, teacher will demonstrate their own writing or a sample write connected to the blackboard by using Jetion wireless visualizer, give a detailed explanation to students, so that they can clearly understand the main points and detailed written constitution.

On-site to share outstanding students‘ work with other students

After students have carried out the writing, the teacher can collect multiple works, compare annotation on site, correct their errors, and praise the outstanding works, to help students understanding. Then display the writing process of excellent students on-site, so that the other students can watch and copy it.

Recorded outstanding students writing works, condiment for other students playback at home

At the same time, teachers can also record a video, make a micro-lesson video by recording the process of writing on site, so that student can review it for second study in their spare time, it greatly improve the children‘s learning initiative and interest.

In the scene, we can feel a very strong class learning atmosphere and interest. When calligraphy class is over , we interviewed Mrs Shao immediately, Let‘s see how Mrs Shao evaluate Jetion Wireless Visualizer :

Mrs Shao:This is the most efficient and relaxed lesson!I can explain the writing via split-screen comparison, and students can watch the writing techniques via a big screen, Font framework and the detailed writing process of star to end. Avoiding correct it one by one, it mostly shorten our teaching time. Then, student following to writing, and I can display different writing works into Split-screen, let students understand their weakness and advantage, help them grasp the important. In addition, I think the best is on-site recording ,student can have a better review by playback the video after-school, just like the teacher second teaching, this is a unique function in class teaching . But also can avoiding the embarrassment for finding a second answer to teachers when the class did not see or hear clearly. They can get the answer by watching the playback of teacher‘s writing, it can increase students‘writing interest, and teaching more effective.


Summary: With the rapid development of educational information in China, more and more schools and parents hope students can get rid of the traditional "spoon-fed" teaching methods, to seek a more efficient, fast and convenient teaching way. The birth of Jetion wireless visualizer meets the market, with many usages. We hope that through this product, it can help more children fall in love with the classroom and learning.